St. Patrick Health Ministry
Diocese of Nashville
St. Patrick Catholic
1219 Second Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37210
The Saint Patrick’s Health Ministry embraces the whole person- body,
mind and spirit- in relationship to God and our Parish.  Studies indicate
that people with strong faith, and attachment to a faith-based
community, can enhance their ability to fight disease and stay
healthy.  The ministry also reaches out to those whose health may
affect their ability to attend parish activities or socialize with other
The Saint Patrick’s Health Ministry achieves this through:
•        Providing information regarding health and safety topics
•        Offering referrals to appropriate resources
•        Blood pressure screenings before and after Mass on Saturday
and Sunday of the third weekend of the month.
•        Visits to parishioners who are home bound, residents of skilled
facilities or hospitalized after Mass on the third Sunday of the month
and as needed.
•        Providing Prayer Blankets to parishioners.
•        Loan out assistive health equipment from health closet to
parishioners during an illness.